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Ekhaguosa Aisien Foundation

The Ekhaguosa Aisien Foundation has been established in honor of Dr. Ekhaguosa Aisien. Dr. Aisien was a father, husband, patriarch, farmer, Surgeon and Edo historian. His contributions to the field of Edo history and culture are immense.

The Ekhaguosa Aisien Foundation strives to support efforts to research, document and disseminate written works and art forms that pertain to Edo history and culture. It seeks to achieve this mission through a multimedia approach in an ever evolving global communications terrain. Our goal is to tell the story of the Edo people and kingdom to the world.

Biography Ekhaguosa's Life

Dr. Ekhaguosa Aisien, was born on Sunday August 31st, 1930 to George Idemudia Aisien and his wife, Egunmwendia Amadasun, in Egboha, his maternal village. His father, Idemudia was an Omada (sword-bearer) to Oba Eweka II. A favourite of the Oba, he ultimately graduated to become his first confidential secretary.

Ekhaguosa began formal schooling at the St. Peter’s Church Missionary Society (CMS) School in Benin City. On completing his elementary education, he was admitted into the CMS Grammar School, Lagos in 1946.

On resuming at the University, however, he came to realize that his preferred discipline was medicine rather than agriculture. His request for a conversion of his course of studies from agriculture to medicine was turned down by the University authorities. Two years later, in June 1954, having obtained his Inter B.Sc qualification, he abandoned his course at the university, along with his federal scholarship, and returned to Lagos.

He was deployed, first to the General Hospital, Benin City, and shortly afterwards to the General Hospital, Forcados, the only facility catering for the entire riverine territory of Western Ijaw.
It was during this posting that he met our Mum. They got married in February 1966, after he was transferred to Uromi, where he oversaw the General Hospital.

The family departed for Nigeria in February 1973 aboard a Nigerian-owned cargo ship, the ‘Nnamdi Azikiwe’. The cruise lasted for well over a month, with intermissions at such West African coastal cities as Dakar, Bathurst (now Banjul), Freetown, Takoradi, Tema, and Lome.

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Dedicated Works

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For as long as the rider persists
In the infamy of his career,
Shall the hectored horse exist
With the status of a pariah

How much latitude has been abused,
How elastic is our inurement?
Multitudes, averse but seduced
By the aegis of the moment

Circling the retrograde lap,
As we gallop towards our nadir,
In a long, insensate nap,
Our limbs refuse our ladder

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